How much does LGBT Relationship Counselling for Couples Cost?

Affordable Prices

Competitively priced private counselling fees, from a highly qualified, experienced & effective local counsellor, Dean Richardson MNCS(Accredited Registrant)

Pay for the Service you Use

No global fee – just pay the fee for the service that you use.

Sliding Scale

Trouble affording private counselling? My approach can invite you to pay what you can responsibly afford for private counselling.

Counselling Services & Pricing.

Fees are payable weekly. The one counselling service that you contract with me has an associated fee (i.e. you cannot engage with me as an individual and as a couple). You pay only for the type of therapy that you’re engaging.

  • My couple counselling fees assumes that both you and your partner are in full-time employment (paying £30 each towards the session costs).
  • If your circumstances require, I may be able to negotiate a lower fee based upon what you both can responsibly afford for weekly sessions. This would involve an open discussion about your income, expenditure and savings (e.g. if you were both staying over in London each weekend to go clubbing and not willing to give this up temporarily during the time of our work, this would not be a fair argument for reducing my fees).
  • Fees are per 50-minute session by default (plus 90 minute sessions can be arranged, as can meeting more than once a week).


Over 21 years worth of clients ~ many things have been said about Dean’s effective approach to counselling with individuals and couples…

I discovered that we were in a open relationship… I hadn’t known!

We came into counselling to talk about what our relationship needed, and what we couldn’t give to each other.

I needed to talk with my partner about Lesbian Bed Death. I’d been with an individual counsellor she kind-of put me off.

Dean had no problems talking with me about sexuality, sex and intimacy, and what was happening (or wasn’t happening!) in my relationship.

We had fallen out of love. We wanted to get back the relationship we used to have.

As couple counselling progressed we gave up the idea of recapturing the past (that was lost). Instead we created a newer relationship together.

Private Relationship Counselling especially for Lesbian, Gay & Mixed-Sexuality Couples - serving locations in and around central Havant, Petersfield to Waterlooville, Cosham to Portsmouth & Southsea, Southampton to Chichester, Fareham to Gosport, Hayling Island, Emsworth, Westbourne, Rowland's Castle, local residents anywhere in between and regularly further afield!

Got a Question? Don't Hold Back…

If you have a question about gay & lesbian couple relationship counselling in Havant and Waterlooville, or want to ask about making your first appointment, feel free to drop me a line any time…