How Fees Work for Counselling

Affordable Prices

Competitively priced private counselling prices, from the highly qualified, experienced & effective local & video counsellor, Dean Richardson MNCS(Accred/Reg).

Sessions are payable weekly, so no surprisingly large invoice at the end of the month.


Pay only for your Preferred Service

No over-paying for services you won’t use. Simply pay the price for the specific counselling service that you and your partner, you and your group, or you alone choose.

You’ll choose the service at the beginning, and pay for that single service until we say farewell.


Sliding Costs Scale

Trouble affording private counselling? When I have places available I can support a lower price-per-session.

You’ll work out what you can responsibly afford per each therapy session. This rate can become our agreed fee. Temporary fee reductions available for unplanned situations

My Price Guarantee

During the time we are working together, the price-per-session (agreed at the beginning of our contract) will not increase.

Whether we meet for a handful of sessions or for several years, the price at the start will be the same as the price at the end.*

Compare my Price Guarantee with other therapy services which may build in an annual fee increase. This is typical with local counselling charities, and sometimes a surprise from private counsellors.

My guarantee also applies to your fee when I increase my Advertised Standard Prices. Such an increase will apply to new clients, only. The fee that you are paying will not change.

* During our work should we agree for you to pay a lower fee (i.e. sliding scale / a fee you can responsibly afford) the fee you pay will be based upon your income and expenses. So, when your circumstances change (e.g. you gain a larger income, or your expenses change) then your fee will change to reflect this fairly. Similarly, if you have a temporary reduction in income and we agree a temporary reduction in our per-session price, your original fee will resume when your income resumes. This is to sure that you are always paying what you can afford responsibly.
No Fee Increase

Fees per Service

Pay what you can afford

If your combined income and/or savings make my published fees a struggle to afford, and if you can justify your need for lowered-fee counselling, please get in touch to talk with me about costs. We may be able to agree a lower fee or a set number of sessions that you could budget for responsibly. Note: places for lower-fees are not always available.

Each service attracts its own distinct price.

Payable Weekly: All fees are payable in advance of each weekly session. Acceptable payment methods are: credit card, debit card, BACS bank (app) transfer, PayPal and iZettle.

Lower Fees: The counselling service you opt-for has an associated fee.  You choose which particular service you want for the whole time we meet together. For ethical and logistical reasons, I do not support someone entering multiple services with me (eg entering couple counselling with me along with your partner, and individual counselling with me alone). If in doubt we can discuss options beforehand.

Difficulty Choosing a Service? Get in contact and we can discuss options for your particular situation.

Service Rating
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Cheaper Prices than Local Face-to-Face Services

Counselling Prices: Additional information

  • During British Lockdown, Video Counselling via Zoom / Skype continues with no restrictions (face-to-face services are currently suspended).
  • † Prices shown for Group Counselling are: per session per person. EG 3 people attending would cost £40 multiplied by 3.
  • The counselling fees for couples assumes that the fee is managed between you both (eg dividing the total cost proportionally according to what each partner may responsibly afford).
  • The counselling fees for groups assumes that the total cost is managed within your group (eg dividing the total cost proportionally according to what each member may responsibly afford).
  • If your circumstances require, I may be able to negotiate a lower fee based upon what you can responsibly afford for each weekly session. This would involve an open discussion about your income, expenditure and savings (e.g. if you were both paying an expensive weekly expense for social reasons, I would anticipate a discussion on how you might temporarily forego this expense during our work – private counselling cannot subsidise your optional activities by reducing session fees). Please bring this matter up when you contact me.
  • Fees are per 50-minute weekly session by default for individuals and couples, or optionally 90 minutes weekly by prior arrangement. Groups are weekly 90 minutes only.
  • Sessions may be arranged for more than once a week only after first having a conversation with your counsellor.

Compare Fees with other Services in the UK

Counselling fees can vary wildly across Great Britain. You have a much wider selection of counsellors to choose from. You’re considering counselling service available over video which are cheaper than local, face-to-face counselling services.

Rather than feeling compelled to choose a local counsellor, you can choose someone from anywhere in the United Kingdom. Someone with the same qualifications or competency to practice as those closer to you, but who works in a less expensive region than were you live.

Here are some fees from across Great Britain for comparison.

London British CBT Counselling Service£135 (Video).
One Therapy (London)£130 (Couples).
The School of Live£100
Tavistock Relationships (London)Approx £80 (aka £2 per £1,000 of shared gross income).
Edinburgh Therapy£85-£100
Counselling Edinburgh£80
YorkshireVarious services ranging from £45 to £120
WalesVarious services ranging from £70  to £170 (fortnightly).
Northern Ireland£55.

Prices correct as of August 2021 independent research. Prices highlighted in red are more expensive than services offered by this service (LGBT Couple Counselling).

How will you Pay for Counselling?

Counselling Sessions are weekly, so the fee that you pay will be weekly too.

24-hours-or-so before your session you’ll pay for your session either using your credit card, debit card or banking app bank transfer (BACS). Then you attend your counselling session at the scheduled appointment time.

You can also pay with a banking standing order, although you’d need to manage the days when sessions are not scheduled (such as Bank Holidays, planned vacations, or unplanned cancellations).

Paying with your credit card or debit card can be done via the Make a PayPal Payment page – which uses PayPal or the iZettle card processing services.

Paying via your bank can be done after a conversation during our first session to share my bank details.

Choose: Unlimited or Set Number of Sessions


NHS facilities and some mental health charities offer you a limited or set number of sessions. The limit may be around 6 or 12 sessions. Sometimes this may mean you will end counselling before your full requirements are addressed.

The number of sessions available to you via this service has no artificial limit. You can attend for as long, or short, as therapy is helping. Dean effective therapy approach comes from his private practice - not a service managed by a third party - and all he asks is that you commit to regular, weekly attendance.

After we have established our counselling work, you may wish to discuss the number of sessions to be attended. This can help with budgeting, availability, or new issues that come up in counselling. We can discuss potential changes before they are implemented, allowing everyone to make an informed decision.

Primarily, because we are working with your specific relationship, the therapeutic needs of the relationship are of the utmost importance. Financial issues are important, and we can address them within the context of what the relationship requires from counselling.

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