Beginning Couple Counselling.

You’re in a same-sex couple relationship, thinking about meeting with Dean Richardson for Couple Counselling… but how do you begin? Let me show tell you how:-

  • Step one: decide that both you and your partner wish to engage with couple counselling (if one of you does not, couple counselling can’t really do anything to help the relationship).
  • Step two: look at my available appointments and choose one or more days and times that you could attend weekly.
  • Step three: contact me (using my online contact form).
  • Step four: if the appointment is still available, I’ll reserve it for us and ask you to send a £30 deposit to confirm our first appointment read about counselling fees (your deposit is refundable if you cancel the first session with 48 hours notice). If the appointment is no longer available, we’ll negotiate a day and time.
  • Step five: once I’ve received your deposit, our appointment will be configured and all you need to do is turn up together.

Does that sound straightforward?


Video Counselling (Skype, Zoom…)
Mon:1pm or 3pm
Tue:Not Available
Wed:3pm or 4pm
Thu:Waiting List (contact me)
Fri:Not Available
W/E:Not Available

Waiting lists may be available for unlisted times.

Note – because of the current situation, all counselling sessions are via Video (Zoom / Skype etc). You’ll be asked for your preference when you contact me.

During the first session will talk about what the couple relationship needs from counselling. We’ll begin discussing how we’re going to work together, and we’ll begin discovering what needs to be uncovered. Over a period of sessions our work will uncover (in greater, helpful detail) what the couple needs to focus upon until the couple are able to go-it alone (making the counsellor redundant).

You both can end counselling at any time you think we’re done (or done enough), and I’ll discuss this with you too to work towards a successful farewell.

About LGBT Couple Counsellor Dean Richardson.

You could choose any counsellor.

But… when you consider that this is probably the most personal and the vulnerable you're going to be with your partner, you'd likely want to choose someone you could trust with your relationship.

  • Someone who was sensitive and effective with you and your partner's sexuality and ways of relating.
  • Someone, who'll you discover quickly, is a member of your own community.
  • Someone who demonstrates adept professional skills with lesbian female, gay male, and mixed sexuality couple relationships, who speaks plain English (and who can swear like a virtuoso, along with you both as much as you might need - or not at all), and works co-operatively with the couple's relationship (he doesn't sit in silence, or just goes: "Hmm" for 50 minutes).
  • Someone who is an accredited member The National Counselling Society (accreditation originally awarded 12 years ago from another professional body, being a process that validates a counsellor's substantial experience and attention to an ethical practice) and who is a member of the Psychotherapy and Counselling Union of Great Britain.
… then you'd probably want to meet with LGBT Counsellor Dean Richardson MNCS(Accred/Reg).

Plus, Dean is has postgraduate qualifications Couple Counselling (not all counsellors have such specific qualifications… I know, right?!) and focuses on LGBT relationship counselling as a speciality.

Yeah, you'd choose a local gay couple counsellor also accessible via Video (see

Simple choice, really 😉

Private Relationship Counselling especially for Lesbian, Gay & Mixed-Sexuality Couples - serving locations in and around central Havant, Petersfield to Waterlooville, Cosham to Portsmouth & Southsea, Southampton to Chichester, Fareham to Gosport, Hayling Island, Emsworth, Westbourne, Rowland's Castle, local residents anywhere in between and regularly further afield!

Got a Question? Don't Hold Back…

If you have a question about gay & lesbian couple relationship counselling in Havant and Waterlooville, or want to ask about making your first appointment, feel free to drop me a line any time…