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Invested in your Therapy

Of course LGBT Couple has an interest in attaining your business.

But, if reading this website tells you that this isn’t the therapy service for you, we’ve still done our job (there’s no point in engaging with a therapy service that doesn’t seem right for you).

Here we list alternative therapists and resources – and some advice – for finding the right relationship counsellor for your distinct relationship needs.

Hope it helps.

Tips on Searching for the Right Counsellor for Your Relationship

When searching for a counsellor for your relationship, you will want to:-

  • Confirm that the therapist has actual qualifications in working with couple or groups. Such training is not included in a majority of “first” qualifications (which are focussed on individual counselling). Couple and Group work is a significantly different approach and requires significantly different training.  
  • Confirm whether the therapist has experience in working with your relationship.  To this day some therapists advertise using “bible coding” phrases to hint at “marriage is between a man and a woman” beliefs. 
  • You might prefer face-to-face or video counselling. Either can be as effective as the other in skilled/experienced hands.  
  • There are different approaches to therapy, and different implementations of those approaches. It might be a good idea to budget to meet a counsellor for 2 or 3 sessions before choosing another one whom your relationship responds better to. 
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. I welcome all questions in session, though some counsellors do not or who might appear to be evasive. Include your experience of the counsellor’s style of response in your evaluation of them:

Alternative Local & Regional Counsellors

Each counsellor is qualified and experienced in working with couple relationships, and is also LGBT/QIA+ aware/positive. Unless stated otherwise, each counsellor offers both an online/video counselling service as well as in-person/face-to-face.

Jeffrey Lane MBACP(Accredited), UKCP(Reg)

Location: Havant, Hampshire.
Services: Face-to-face / Video.

A qualified counsellor and psychotherapist established since 1992. Offers individual counselling, couples or relationship counselling and group counselling. Special interest in counselling cancer suffers and their families. Also an anger management consultant.

Lynda Britchford MNCPS(Accredited Registrant)

Location: Online Only (UK Residents).
Services: Individuals only – online video.

Online therapy for individuals experiencing disassociation, PTSD & complex trauma symptoms, and relationship/attachment difficulties. Particular focus upon those from diverse backgrounds and marginalised communities (eg LGBTQIA+). Trauma informed & trained Rewind & SSP Therapist.

Libby Webber MNCPS(Accredited Registrant)

Location: Southsea, Hampshire.
Services: Video plus a limited number of face-to-face cases in Southsea.
Website: (currently unavailable)
Directory Profile: Counselling Directory

Specialises in an 8-session Program for Couples. Offers a confidential counselling service those seeking professional help with issues including relationship problems, emotional wellbeing, unresolved issues from childhood and anxiety.

Directories of Counsellors for LGBTQ+

Pink Therapy Directory


An online directory of therapists of all sexualities and gender identities who work with gender and sexual diversity clients across the LGBT/QIA+ spectrum from a non-judgmental standpoint.

Counselling Directory


Lists qualified counsellors across the UK who subscribe to this service. Lists generic counsellors and ones with special interests who may be more matched to what you’re seeking.

National Counselling Society


An online directory of counsellors & registrants of the National Counselling Society.

UK Council for Psychotherapy


An online directory of therapists whom comply with UKCP standards and are UKCP accredited.

British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapists


An online directory of counsellors & registrants of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapists.

Services for Relationship Counselling

British therapy services that focus on relationships.


Contact: (Nearest Relate Centre Locator)
Email:  N/A – find your nearest Relate centre and use that website to make contact.

More General Groups / Services

Sometimes, working with a social or therapeutic group or service may be of benefit. 

Andy’s Man Club

Contact: (Nearest Club Locator) 

Urgent / Emergency Support

LGBT Couple Counselling does not offer any form of urgent nor emergency support. If this is what you’re seeking, consider contacting one of these organisations. 


Telephone: 116 123 

Switchboard (LGBT+ Helpline)

Telephone: 0300 330 0630

⚠️Might you be looking for Family Mediation?

Counsellors and Mediators have quasi-comparable skills (skills that appear to be the same), which can leave you struggling to decide which professional service might benefit your relationship the most.

Counsellors are not mediators, and mediators are not counsellors. So, in a (very small) nutshell...

  • Counsellors are trained/qualified to support parties who wish to reconcile (and may wish to investigate separation),  and who need to explore historical problems and more deep-rooted historical issues in their relationship, etc.
  • Mediators are trained/qualified to support parties wishing to separate amicably, maintain boundaries in keeping discussions targeted towards the future, mitigate "blaming-behaviour", etc.
Family Mediation
Location Image+44-56-0366-3067£30-£130
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