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Online Video Therapy for UK LGBTQ+

YOU’RE CONSIDERING ONLINE VIDEO THERAPY – meeting with your counsellor in real-time: you and your partner(s) want to access an experienced Internet video counsellor, but you don’t want email therapy and you don’t want to record and send videos of yourself. 

LGBT Couple Counselling offers you and your partner(s) real-time video counselling online. You’ll speak with your remote “telecounsellor” from your home (from your office, your car, out on a hike etc etc). Your sessions are scheduled weekly – on the same day and time – and they’ll take place in real time (i.e. your counsellor sees you and hears you as you speak, as you do him)

This is secure, video therapy that uses Internet technology, and the apps that you already have in your pocket and on your computer.

Originally created to provide distinctly helpful therapy services to LGBT/QIA+ couples in Long Distance Relationships, this effective online service is now available exclusively via Video Internet.

Gay Couple using Online Counselling using a MacBook Air

Online couples therapy that is designed for gay men, lesbian women, bisexual, trans & queer couples and polyamorous groups; ideal for romatic partners or platonic friends seeking video counselling to help with their relationship/friendship. The kind of support you’re seeking from someone who understands OUR particular kind of relationship struggles.

Offered by the local, specialist counsellor having an exceptional 24 years of experience in counselling (including 17 years of which are practising online).

Overview of our Bespoke Therapy Service

Video therapy services for gay and lesbian couples, throuples, and groups is available online over the Internet. The service reaches all regions of the United Kingdom and abroad (providing that at least one of you is a UK citizen). Therapy Services available directly from this website via our Contact Us page.

Online Video Therapy

Desktop computers, Macbooks, laptops  & Chromebooks can all run Video Conference Apps.

Desktop computers & laptops are the most popular device

You may configure your screen to have everyone appear in front of you, or have just the current speaker appear.


Smartphone Therapy

Many couples and groups use their smartphones to communicate with their therapist. Video therapy works nicely with smartphones.

One option for dealing with a small screen is to have the current speaker’s video appear on your phone. As each individual speaks, this automatically switches.


Tablet Counselling

Your tablet will operate with Video Therapy just as well as a laptop or smartphone if you have a solid data connection.

The additional screen real-estate gives you additional configuration choices.

A tablet may require its own stand so that you do not have to hold it for more than 50 minutes.

Secure Online Payment

You pay for your therapy session before each weekly appointment.

You can pay securely with your credit or debit card, or use your banking app to make a BACS payment.

Payments are instant & reach your therapist within a few minutes.

Advantages of Internet Counselling for LGBTQ+

Online LGBT counselling for gay couples, throuples or polycule group – that takes place over video – has a number of important benefits over its face-to-face counterpart. Let me summarise the top five advantages…

Accessibility and Convenience

One of the main advantages of online counselling is its ease of use. It removes geographical restrictions, allowing people with an Internet connection to obtain counselling services from anywhere on the globe. This is especially useful for people who live in distant places or have restricted access to transportation or who want to work with a particular counsellor. Counselling that uses the Internet as the communication medium also allows clients to schedule appointments at a time that is convenient for them without having to account for travel time. Furthermore, online counselling can remove the need for individuals to take time off work or arrange childcare, making it easier for them to integrate counselling into their schedules.

In addition to convenience, counselling on video provides greater anonymity and privacy. Some people may choose to discuss delicate or personal topics in the privacy of their own homes rather than in a face-to-face setting. Couples may feel less self-conscious or inhibited without the actual presence of a therapist or having their partner in a different room. This can lead to increased openness and honesty during counselling sessions, allowing couples to express themselves more freely.

Increased Choice of Counsellors

Those who use internet counselling have a wider selection of counsellors to choose from. Couples are not limited to local service providers. and can even access professionals from other regions or nations if they so wish (allowing for local laws). Gay couples can use this benefit to locate an LGBT Couples Therapist who specialises in their unique requirements or therapeutic approach preferences. The option to choose from a larger pool of therapists increases the chances of finding a good fit, which is critical for building a strong therapeutic connection to attaining a good outcome. In addition, online therapy allows clients to engage with therapists who may be considered specialists in a given area or have distinct cultural competences, which can be valuable for addressing specific difficulties or concerns.

Privacy and Anonymity

Online counselling provides a level of anonymity that some clients find comforting. This can encourage individuals who might be hesitant to seek traditional counselling due to concerns about privacy or stigma.

The perceived anonymity of online counselling may reduce the stigma sometimes associated with seeking mental health support, making it more accessible to those who might otherwise avoid counselling.


Online Counselling is frequently less expensive than traditional face-to-face counselling. Counsellors – such as LGBT Couple Counselling – offer their services at a lower price since we do not have the usual overhead-costs with maintaining a physical office space. A lower fee can make treatment more accessible to people who are financially limited or do not have proper health insurance coverage. Internet counselling also removes travel costs for clients that would otherwise be an expense for in-person sessions. Those seeking longer-term therapy or those who require numerous sessions to address their emotional & mental health requirements find internet counselling to be a very effective option.

Continuity of Care and Support

Online video counselling provides greater continuity of service and support, particularly during difficult times or transitions. Those who must relocate for employment, education, or other reasons can benefit from this medium of therapy, which allows therapy to continue uninterrupted. This is especially crucial for those who have formed a strong therapeutic relationship with their counsellor and want to keep it. Also, internet therapy can serve as a safety net for individuals in situations such as bad weather, emergencies, or public health crises where face-to-face counselling may be impractical or unavailable (remember our Covid situation a few years ago?). The ability to continue counselling indefinitely, especially in the face of external problems, fosters consistency and continued support, both of which are important.

Flexibility with a Communication Medium

Therapy provided via Internet video conferencing provides a variety of contact channels, such as video calls, voice conversations, and text-based messaging. Individuals can choose the medium that best suits their comfort level and communication preferences. Some people may choose to express themselves through writing since it allows them to ponder on their thoughts and properly articulate their feelings. Couples can use written communication to revisit and examine their therapy sessions, creating a deeper understanding of their development and the insights gained through the counselling session. A counsellor can use a shared whiteboard to capture and share important information. Video conversations, on the other hand, can give a more personal and interactive experience by allowing patients to view their therapist’s facial expressions and body language, which can improve the therapeutic alliance, fostering trust.

Compare Prices of Online Counsellors

Looking for Examples of Online British Counselling Prices?

By using a video app you will have a much wider selection of therapists to choose from, whilst continuing to be able to access your relationship counsellor in real-time via the Internet.

Fees for Internet couple-therapy sessions vary wildly across Great Britain, but you won’t have to pick a couple therapist who operates locally to you. With other therapists across the UK offering the same (or better) quality and service*, but charging less-money-per-session than someone more local to you, you can choose the most cost-effective counsellor for you.

LGBT Couple Counselling
(that's us)
Lowered to: £75.00
London British CBT Counselling Service£135.00 (Video)
One Therapy (London)£130.00 (Couples)
The School of Live£100.00
Tavistock Relationships (London)Approx £80.00 (aka £2 per £1,000 of shared gross income)
Edinburgh Therapy£85.00-£100.00
Counselling Edinburgh£80.00
YorkshireVarious services ranging from £45.00 to £120.00
WalesVarious services ranging from £70.00 to £170.00 (fortnightly)
Northern Ireland£55.00

Prices correct as of August 2022 via independent research. Prices highlighted in red are more expensive than services offered by this service (LGBT Couple Counselling).


Due to the recent "cost-of-living" crisis, you will have noticed (most) counsellors raising their per-session fees. However, LGBT Couple Counselling is keeping fees at the lower rates that were established during the 2019 COVID Pandemic.

Regardless of how short or long our work is, the per-session rate you pay at the start will be the same rate you'll pay at the end: there will be no increases to your fee 👍🏻

Internet LGBT Therapy that Helps!

Therapy sessions are facilitated by a fully qualified and experienced LGBT Internet therapist. Dean Richardson MNCPS (Accred/Reg) has been in practice for 24 years and has 17 year of expertise in offering online video therapy to gay couples.

Setting up our Initial Appointment.

After some initial email discussions to get us to an agreement, the LGBTQIA+ couple or group will have agreed: (a) the costs of each session, (b) the day and hour of each weekly session, and (c) the video app specifics (i.e. app type (Zoom, Skype etc) and the meeting room URL). We’re now ready to work together.

Our working agreement will not set a limit on the minimum, nor maximum number of sessions the clients have to attend. You will decide for how long the counselling is beneficial to you and your partner(s), and you’re welcome to bring up this topic at any time during the work. When we’re ready to bring the therapy work to an end, we’ll make a plan and prepare to say goodbye.

Online, Real-time Video Therapy for LGBTQ+ Couples

During Each Online Video Session

When it’s time for your session, you and your partner will sit in front of your own individual video devices (recommended: one device per attendee), plug in your earbuds, and launch the video conference programme (Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, AN Other…).

At the therapy session start-time, your therapist will connect to the session and, depending on the service being used:-

  • Will bring in each participant from the waiting room (Zoom).
  • Will connect to the parties already joining the session (Skype, Google Meet).

There will be an initial check that everyone can see and hear everyone else, and once everyone is connected, the couple or group are either:

(a) introduced to the concepts of couple/group therapy over Video, with some introductory conversations begun,
~ or ~
(b) after therapy becomes an established process, the couple/group are invited to present what they wish to focus upon for this session.

The session ends after the alloted time (50 minutes standard or 90 minutes optional).

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High Acceptance, Low Dissatisfaction Rates

FACTS: a majority of Dean's new clients return for a second session (and more...)*1

Our counselling relationship begins with an initial evaluation session (you evaluate me, and I evaluate if you might work well with my approach). In our first session, we will have some conversations and decide whether this early experience appears to have been beneficial enough to continue working together. Sometimes, extra evaluation sessions are agreed upon to help make a more informed decision, but this has been regularly unnecessary.

Two measurements highlight how people respond overall to my style of counselling: Acceptance Rate*2 and Dissatisfaction Rate*3.

During the previous twelve months (May 2023 to April 2024) my Case Measurement Rates have been:-

Acceptance Rate:
Dissatisfaction Rate:

*1) measuring over the last twelve full months.
*2) the percentage of clients who continued to attend sessions (for at least one month) after their initial session(s). NB: some clients complete their work in a shorter time than one month; others find that a longer path benefits them.
*3) the percentage of clients who, from their experience of the initial session, felt that the service was not what they were looking for.

The average number of sessions per case is not included here. Because one client's needs differ greatly from another's, a fair comparison cannot be made. No figures are included where the clients were satisfied with the initial session and decided that this was sufficient.

Choose your Internet Counselling Service

LGBT Couples Therapy

A gay male couple, lesbian couple or mixed-sexuality couple get to discuss problems in their relationship in couple therapy.

LGBT Throuples Therapy

Three equal partners in an intimate relationship: same gender & sexuality, or mixed gender and mixed sexuaity. Discuss conflicts in throuple therapy.

LGBT Group Polyamory/Non-monogamy Therapy

A gay male group, lesbian group or mixed-sexuality group get to discuss problems in their relationship in group therapy.

LGBT Sexual Engagement Therapy

An LGBTQ+ Individual Couple or Group get to discuss and work-through difficulties regarding sexual engagement and/or sexual identification.

LGBT Relationship Breakups

LGBTQ+ can experience painful & unplanned breakups as much as anyone. And sometimes, a relationship separation may be planned so that all partners walk away with dignity.

About Dean Richardson MNCPS (Accred/Reg)

You could choose any couple / group counsellor…

Given that this will be the most intimate and vulnerable you could feel alongside your partner(s), you would want a skilled professional whose experience and specialism you could trust; whose focus would be upon your distinct relationship. Your couple, throuple or group relationship will be in good hands with Dean. He works from Great Britain, is Independent of "box 'em/shift 'em" therapy services, and identifies as a gay couple counsellor. He's also easily payable in pounds sterling! Dean already had an impressive 17 years actual video "webcam" experience - way before the first British emergency began (when suddenly many counsellors added a Video option to their portfolio, having not practised so previously! 🤔).

What makes Dean Distinct

  • Dean is sensitive and effective to your sexuality / gender-identity and intimate ways of relating to each other. You'll discover quickly that Dean is an informed member of your own community.
  • Dean demonstrates adept skills with lesbian, gay, bisexual, asexual, fluid, mixed sexuality and same-or-mixed gender relationships having over 24 years' experience as a counsellor.
  • Dean avoids taking a the role of "all-knowing expert" (whether requested or projected onto him by the clients). "Experts" tell you what to do, do not learn very well from others, and struggle to adapt to new situations. A couple counsellor must be curious, adaptive, and ask questions from a "not knowing" position so that the relationship in counselling benefits from re-examination.
  • Dean speaks plain English (and can swear like a virtuoso if you like, or not at all if you prefer). He works cooperatively with your relationship (no unnecessary silence, or just "hmms...").
  • Dean was originally accredited by his first professional body 15 years ago; he is now an accredited registrant with The National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society. Accreditation is a valued recognition of a counsellor's substantial experience. Dean is also a member of the Psychotherapy and Counselling Union of Great Britain.
  • Dean is a British Counsellor working from the South of England. Unlike other counselling services operating from abroad Dean is registered, accredited, insured & supervised from within England (not from abroad).

If any of this resonates with you and your partner(s), you should probably meet with the Gay Relationship Counsellor: Dean Richardson MNCPS (Accred/Reg) via Zoom, Skype, Whatsapp and other secure, reliable video conferencing media.

Dean focuses on LGBT/QIA+ relationships as a specialty in therapy. He works with individuals, couples and small groups. Plus, he's qualified to a postgraduate level (Chichester PG Diploma in Psychodynamic / Systemic Couple Counselling, IGA National Foundation in Group Counselling), and works as a private practice counsellor employing 24+ years experience*.

(*Very Important: not all counsellors have such specific skills for working with couples nor groups. Those who are initially trained to use common "Individual" Counselling skills have no experience in working therapeutically with relationships. Such counsellors may try, perhaps out of misplaced goodwill, to employ "individual" techniques (multiplied by 2) but the couple or group will find that the approach is ineffective. Simply put: it's the wrong approach; your relationship is not part of the counsellor's primary theoretical framework. Remember always to ask your potential counsellor: "what qualifies you to work with our relationship?" and trust your instincts based on what you hear.

MNPCS Accredited Registrant Counsellor
Member of the British Psychotherapy and Counselling Union
Location Image+44-56-0366-3067£30-£130
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