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How a Car Rental Service Inspired a Counsellor

While some may feel hesitant about using Zoom, Skype and Google Meet video conferencing to talk with a counsellor, once your conversation starts, most forget about the technology being used.

So let me tell you a story…

Once Upon a Time in Las Vegas 🚗💨

Online Service AssistantIn 2010, I travelled to the United States. When my plane touched down in Las Vegas, I went to the car rental agency to pick up my car. People in-line ahead of me were being directed to various cubicles to speak with a rental agent. When it was my turn I was directed to a machine that had a screen, a camera, and a keyboard. “Where was the agent?” I wondered.

The screen sprung into life and a mature American woman appeared on screen. She gave a cheery “Hi there!”. I could tell she that was in her home because of the view behind her. She told me how she would guide me through the car-hire process step by step. She’d ask me some questions, I’d scan some documents & parts of my passport, and occasionally type on the keyboard. We were complete within only five minutes and she released the car keys to me. All done!

Whilst I was a little nervous with this (I’d never worked with a remote video agent before) the woman was clearly experienced and her friendliness erased any concerns I had with the process. Despite the fact that she was not physically present, her personality and assurance were reassuring.

This experience made me wonder if I might use video technology to reach a larger audience with my counselling practice. After extensive research and planning, I established one of the UK’s first Skype Couple Counselling services. Within the first month, I was working on several cases involving LGBTQ+ couples in long-distance relationships..

You too could be surprised.

You too could make an informed decision.

Trust upon Dean’s experience with Video Technology and see if you and your partner(s) can enjoy the benefits of Remote, Real-time Video Counselling.

Counselling needing no Travel

Practising counselling via Internet video for over 17 years, uses secure, proven, reliable video technology to connect an experienced counsellor with LGBT couples and groups from all over the United Kingdom.

Experience of video counselling shows that even remote sessions held between the far north coast of Scotland and Southern Hampshire (over 600 miles distance) showed no video interruption, nor lag, during each 50 minute session.

Travel Restrictions

Due to national pandemic restrictions, travelling to your counsellor’s location used to be difficult (not so much now that the restrictions have been lifted). Real-time video counselling is an excellent option that you and your partner may not have considered previously.

It certainly isn’t the lesser choice when it comes to working on your relationship problems in therapy.

Let’s compare some facts about travelling to your face-to-face counsellor’s location versus the benefits of online/video counselling:-

Physical Office Location

Couple Counselling with two chairs facing each other

When counselling at a counsellor's physical location or office:-

  • You leave home half-an-hour (?) early.
  • You drive to the area, find a parking space, pay for parking, leave the car & walk to the consultation room.
  • You wait in the waiting room (or outside locked gates) until the appointment time.
  • You work for 50 minutes.
  • Finally, you leave the counsellor's office to make the journey back home.

Real-time Video Conferencing

Gay Couple in a Zoom counselling session

When counselling using real-time video technology:

  • You sit in front of your computers (tablets or smartphones) around 5 minutes before the appointment time.
  • When the session begins, your video kicks in and the counsellor appears.
  • You work for 50 minutes.
  • At the end, you put the kettle on 👍🏻.

Accessing your Private Relationship Counsellor using Real-time Video Counselling means:

  • No travel expenses,
  • No parking costs,
  • No (or at least: very little) waiting-room time,
  • Cheaper per-session Fees (compared with local services).

Location History of LGBT+ Counselling 

LGBT Couple Counselling has been available via Internet Video Conferencing – and multiple physical locations in the South of England – since 2010.

This service is now available exclusively via Secure Internet Video / Webcam Conferencing.

When I established my original private counselling practice in Portsmouth, I included an Internet Counselling Service. My specialism was LGBT Couple Partnerships in Long Distance Relationships. I worked with lesbian and gay couples from all over the world (sometimes from a different from me; sometimes from a different from each other). This was a national and international British counselling service!

Service Locations

On these pages you will learn about the history of LGBT Couple Counselling locations around Hampshire, West Sussex, and Dorset.

My Counselling Services continue to reach LGBT relationships Nationwide across the whole of Great Britain. Secure Video Services (eg Zoom, Skype etc) for Gay Relationships seeking Therapy in the UK.

Future Locations for

We’re not there yet! For transparency, here are links to counselling location pages outlining some of my plans for the future.  Plans to open up face-to-face counselling practices for LGBT/Q+ Relationships are on hold. Locations listed include being nearer to major cities in the South and North of England, Counselling Services available exclusively to LGBT/Q+ Couples & Groups in and around the regions.

Hampshire, Dorset & Sussex.

(Plans for expansion across Hampshire, Dorset and Sussex are currently on hold).

Yorkshire, Lancashire, Merseyside & the North.

(Plans for expansion into Yorkshire, Lancashire, Merseyside and the North are currently on hold).

South England Hastings
Yorkshire Dales
The London Eye

Real-time Video Counselling

You might be trying to locate a counselling practice you can drive to.

Centred around Portsmouth to Southampton to Petersfield (Hampshire) and as far east as Chichester (West Sussex). Dean Richardson MNCPS (Accred/Reg) set up physical location private practices to cater for the local needs of gay, lesbian, bisexual and mix-sexuality couples in the local region. Couples and intimate groups found what they needed at one of his private practices.

Reaching Across the UK

Dean is a Specialist Video (Zoom & Skype) Counsellor. Many counsellors added a Video Service to their portfolio during the recent crisis. Dean has been using video conferencing technology to engage with LGBT/QIA+ couples & groups for more than 17 years! This is a significant expertise over this length of time.

Dean reaches a wide audience across the United Kingdom for all gay, lesbian, bisexual & asexual couple and group relationships.

When you’re tired of searching Google for a “couple counsellor near me” or “LGBT counselling”,  consider Dean’s professional, real-time webcam services. Stop struggling to find a local therapist that fits your specific relationship needs… 100s of couples have already done so successfully.

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