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Nearest Counsellor to you in a Different City

It’s natural to think that when seeking a good counsellor for your couple or group relationship, you’d be looking for one who was in the same city or two as you. Yet, an effective couple counsellor is available without you having to travel. Ideal for counselling from home, or when the two of you might be living apart.

Gay Couple Counselling near me

With today’s proven video technology (actually right there in your pocket) the best way to meet with the best counsellor for your partnership(s) could be situated a long way from where you live. Remote Couple Counselling would also be cheaper than visiting the counsellor near you. 

By considering a Nationally Available Video Counselling Service for LGBT/QIA+, you get to choose the counsellor who is best for you, nearest to you (via virtual presence), and all without leaving your home (or office, or even your car if you’re on a business trip) for weekly sessions.

This is when the better form of counselling “near me” would be LGBT Couple Counselling… right there on the computer or smartphone you’re using right now 👍🏻

Private Counsellor Dean Richardson for LGBT using Zoom and Skype

Accessing Couples & Groups Counselling for LGBT/Q+ Relationships in a place near me is available to you today… without waiting or travel.

Counselling from the safety and comfort of your own home, office, car, hotel or even on a walk. Using the secure and free video conference technology you already have in your pocket, on your tablet and on your computer.

Gay Male Couple Near Me

Nationwide Gay Counselling UK

Gay, Lesbian, Bi and Queer relationships searching for “counselling near me” may not have considered the remote webcam option.

Dean’s services – specialising in the needs of LGBT couple and group relationships – are available to anyone in Great Britain (or who is British and living abroad).

You already have the equipment needed: your smartphone and a free app called Zoom (or Skype if you prefer).

Do Couples really use Smartphones for Counselling?

They sure do! Placing their individual Smartphones – laptops, MacBooks, Tablets – on a suitable stand (and sitting in different rooms – a helpful approach I describe on my Video Counselling Page) the couple can see their partner AND see the counsellor, Dean, on their device in real-time.

Some couples use laptops, some use larger computers. Whatever they choose the video technology (Zoom, Skype, etc.) works the same. They get to access weekly sessions from the safety of their home, without having to travel to the nearest counsellor, and accessing the better service for them.

Established in 2010, and greatly expanded in 2019, you can read more about Dean’s video counselling services from the following link…

Near to you – Gay Couples Therapy

You might be one of the many LGBTQ+ couples seeking gay couple therapy in London (England), Edinburgh (Scotland), Cardiff (Wales), St. Ives (Cornwall), Exeter (Devon) or one of the many other British towns and cities where a couples therapist has a private office. You’re likely seeking a couple counsellor local to your area.

But what if you wanted to work with your best choice of gay couple therapist, and he’s located in the UK a long distance from you?

This is where offers the kind of gay couples therapy that you’re seeking: professional standard, quality couples counselling available to you in your home using Internet Video Conferencing.

Video couple therapy so simple a medium – whether you’re in London, Manchester, Hull, Liverpool, Aberdeen or anywhere else in the United Kingdom. Bonus: prices are regularly lower than local face-to-face and in-person couple therapist services.

Plus, if you feel that you’re not used to couples therapy on video, in Dean’s experience all couples who work with him find they quickly make use of the video experience, and work well with him in getting back to a healthy relationship.

Gay Couples Counselling in London

Travel Distances – from You to Us

When considering an LGBTQ+ couple / group counsellor, and needing one near my area, you might be searching by region, city or location. However, if you seek first by speciality, you’ll consider the gay relationship counsellor Dean Richardson, centred in Hampshire, Sussex & Dorset, and available to you via the Internet using free apps such as Zoom & Skype.

As a specialist couple counsellor, Dean has worked with many lesbian, gay and MOM relationships, nationally and internationally over the past 24 years.

Let’s take a look at how much time you could be driving to Dean if you didn’t use remote video conferencing.


Dean Richardson MNCPS (Accred/Reg).
Centred around Hampshire, West Sussex & Dorset.
Available Nationwide across the United Kingdom.

Relationship LGBTQ+ Services

LGBTQ+ Couples Counselling

Counselling for LGBTQ+ Couple Partnerships regardless of sexuality nor gender-identification.

LGBTQ+ Throuple Counselling

Counselling for established LGBTQ+ throuple (3-person) partnerships, or newly forming triads.

Polyamorous Group Counselling

Counselling for established polyamorous groups - or newly forming polyamory / non-monogamy.

Separation Counselling

Counselling for LGBT Relationships that have to come to an end: planned or otherwise.

Open Relationship Counselling

Counselling for partnerships having opened, or thinking of opening, their couple relationship.

Counselling from Anywhere

Accessing counselling from anywhere using video (from home, your office, hotel, on the road, outside…)

Sex Counselling for LGBT/QIA+

Counselling for partnerships struggling with intimate sex lives.

Location Image+44-56-0366-3067£30-£130
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