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Merseyside LGBT+ Counselling

Hi – I’m Dean Richardson, a private counsellor working to help LGBTQ+ relationships in crisis. I’m down here in Portsmouth, but you can reach me easily from Liverpool using the video apps you already have on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and desktop (PCs and Macs). 100s of LGBTQ+ relationship partners have already done so.

LGBT couples, throuples and poly-groups work with me to help them resolve their relationship issues. I use proven psychology and theoretical frameworks (think: systemic family systems and psychodynamic insight), but I speak in plan English to share approaches that can turn “we don’t know what to do with this situation” into “hey, I think I might have an idea that might help us”.

I’ve been working as a counsellor for a long time now; in fact, this is my 25th year.

The Plan

LGBT Couple Counselling is a specialist counselling service create specifically for the needs of gay men, lesbian women and mixed sexual orientation and gender couples. It was created by Counsellor Dean Richardson MNCPS (Accred/Reg) – an Honorary Scouser (and Yorkshireman!)

Dean created LGBT Couple Counselling after qualifying as a psychodynamic/systemic couple counsellor in Chichester. He recognised that non-heteronormative relationship counselling services were in short supply. This service addresses the specific needs of gay men, lesbian women, and mixed-sexuality relationships struggling with all sort of conflicts (and not necessarily related to their sexuality)

Counselling Room, The Space, Liverpool

Before the horrid 2019 virus hit the UK, Dean was making plans to re-established his Counselling Services back home in the North, being centred near in Merseyside, located in central Liverpool. A likely candidate to host Dean’s counselling services was The Space, Liverpool, within Liverpool city centre (L1)

Dean’s plans to move into Liverpool are on hold for a bit longer. He is excited to look at plans for LGBT Couple Counselling in Merseyside within the next couple of years.

Private Counsellor Dean Richardson for LGBT using Zoom and Skype

Accessing Couples & Groups Counselling for LGBT/Q+ Relationships in Liverpool is available to you today… without waiting or travel.

Counselling from the safety and comfort of your own home, office, car, hotel or even on a walk. Using the secure and free video conference technology you already have in your pocket, on your tablet and on your computer.

It’s sensible to resume plans to centre Dean’s counselling practice in Merseyside, reaching gay couples around Liverpool and further, when times are a little safer for everyone’s health.

These Counselling Services remain available to LGBT/Q+ via Skype and Zoom – video technology that you can access easily from home. 

Available today! You and your partner(s) could be working together in LGBT/Q+ Relationship Counselling by next week.

Liverpool LGBT Counselling Practice

Plans to extend my LGBT Counselling Services into Merseyside, centred in and around Liverpool, are on hold. Consider where I might host my service suggested The Space, Liverpool, a bespoke, therapeutic environment.

The building is 60 Rodney Street, Liverpool, L1 9AD. Just 4 miles from the M62. 12 uniquely-decorated rooms, provide a calming, professional environment for practitioners. They welcome practitioners from numerous disciplines including therapists, counsellors, life coaches, nutritionists, massage & complimentary therapies.

We haven’t moved to Liverpool yet, though!

Until we begin moving forward with plans to open Merseyside, counselling for LGBT/Q+ Relationships is available today via my Zoom & Skype Internet Video services.

… and if you’re concerned that the physical distance from Liverpool to Hampshire over Broadband Internet (from where Dean currently operates LGBT Couple Counselling), you might feel assured that Dean regularly works with gay & lesbian couples & groups from in Scotland, Wales and Ireland with little-to-no Internet Failures on Zoom & Skype during session. The quality of video counselling sessions is very good.

Zoom & Skype remains a reliable way to make use of the most effective therapist for your relationship.

Relationship LGBTQ+ Services

LGBTQ+ Couples Counselling

Counselling for LGBTQ+ Couple Partnerships regardless of sexuality nor gender-identification.

LGBTQ+ Throuple Counselling

Counselling for established LGBTQ+ throuple (3-person) partnerships, or newly forming triads.

Polyamorous Group Counselling

Counselling for established polyamorous groups - or newly forming polyamory / non-monogamy.

Separation Counselling

Counselling for LGBT Relationships that have to come to an end: planned or otherwise.

Open Relationship Counselling

Counselling for partnerships having opened, or thinking of opening, their couple relationship.

Counselling from Anywhere

Accessing counselling from anywhere using video (from home, your office, hotel, on the road, outside…)

Sex Counselling for LGBT/QIA+

Counselling for partnerships struggling with intimate sex lives.

Location Image+44-56-0366-3067£30-£130
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Come and ask... whatever question you have about couple and/or group counselling for gay, lesbian, bisexual, aromatic, asexual and mixed-orientation relationships you might have, get in touch today to discuss your needs…

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