Gay couples living a hectic lifestyle need convenience and safety when meeting with an LGBTQ+-affirming counsellor for their problems. Let's discuss…

Can Gay Couples Attend Counselling over the Internet?

19 May, 2023Blog

“Can Gay Couples Attend Counselling over the Internet?”

Yes! Gay couples can work with a counsellor over the Internet using reliable, safe video conferencing technology that you (probably) already have in your pocket. – with its professional counsellor: Dean RIchardson MNCPS (Accred/Reg) – is an effective helpful therapy service for gay couples who do not want to meet with a therapist in person.


Let’s discuss 5 top reasons for considering video/Internet counselling for your couple relationship.

Flexibility & Convenience via Internet Counselling.

Couple counselling using video conferencing offers flexibility in terms of being able to attend your session without having to travel to your counsellor’s office. Couples benefit from a regular session day & time that fits into their weekly diary. Gay couples in long-distance relationships or where one or both partners’ jobs take then away from home, can still attend their regularly appointment by simply loading Zoom Video Conferencing software from their location (their rented accomodation, their hotel room etc).

Such convenience is ideal for a couple’s hectic life in today’s work routines and obligations. Video conferencing allows them to keep their counselling routine consistent without having to commute or travel.

These benefits may be especially helpful for couples who have hectic work schedules or who reside in rural locations with limited access to local counselling services.

Session Ease of Accessibility.

Video conferencing provides an accessible platform for gay male couples to attend counselling sessions.

The technology eliminates geographical limitations and allows couples to connect with a qualified counsellor from anywhere, regardless of their location. This is particularly beneficial for those living in areas with limited LGBTQ+-friendly resources or who have limited travel options.

Your Privacy and Confidentiality.

Working with a counsellor through video conferencing offers an additional layer of privacy and confidentiality for gay male couples.

Couples can engage in counselling sessions from the comfort and privacy of their own home together, from different locations (even different countries) when apart and reducing concerns about being seen or recognized in a traditional counselling setting. The arrangements offered by create a safe-space for couples to explore sensitive topics and discuss intimate details of their relationship.


Attend Gay Couple Counselling over the Internet with no waiting rooms,uk – No Waiting Rooms (Image by Daniel Cubas from Pixabay)


An LGBTQ+ Affirming Environment.

Finding a counsellor who is knowledgeable and sensitive to the unique challenges faced by gay male couples can be crucial to the effectiveness of a couple counselling relationship.

Through video conferencing, couples have the opportunity to connect with LGBTQ+-affirming therapists who have experience working with same-sex relationships. This can foster a supportive and understanding therapeutic environment that validates their experiences and identities.

Comfortable and Familiar Sessions.

Engaging in counseling through video conferencing allows couples to remain in a familiar and comfortable environment. This can help reduce anxiety or apprehension associated with visiting an unfamiliar counseling office. Being in a comfortable setting may enable couples to open up more freely, leading to a more productive therapeutic process and better outcomes.


In conclusion, gay couples can attend couple counselling through the Internet safely and in a way that suits their lifestyle.



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