What do Gay Couples seek from their online video counsellor when seeking counselling for the first time? Here we'll discuss five priorities, and consider if Dean Richardson MNCPS (Accred/Reg) would be that counsellor...

Top 5 Priorities for Gay Couples seeking an Online Counsellor

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What do gay couples seek from their counsellor, when they’re considering a new, online video counsellor?

While individual partners will have varied preferences and priorities, when selecting a couple’s counsellor, there are some common factors that both partners will consider important.

Top 5 Priorities for Gay Couples seeking a Counsellor

…individual partners will have varied preferences and priorities from a gay couples counsellor, but there are some common factors that both partners will consider to be important.

It is important to acknowledge that every gay couple is unique and may have varying preferences when it comes to finding an online video counsellor. In this post, we will explore some common preferences that many gay couples consider when searching for the counsellor who can assist them with their relationship issues. These preferences may vary from couple to couple, and the specific needs of the reader may be different.

So, here are five points that gay couples look for in a counsellor to help them with relationship problems.

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The 5 Priorities

  1. Couples want their counsellor to apply LGBTQ+ Affirmative and Inclusive Approaches. Gay couples often seek counsellors who affirm diverse sexual orientations and gender identities. It may be a priority that the counsellor identifies as gay and male (or similarly to the couple’s identity). The gay couple wants a professional who understands the unique challenges that they are facing, that same-sex relationships face in general, and situations that are regularly faced by the LGBTQ+ community. The couple needs someone who is knowledgeable about the specific issues that are arising in their relationship. Dean is an LGBTQ+ affirming and inclusive counsellor, applying a systemic therapeutic approach that requires neutrality. Read more about Dean’s LGBTQ+ Affirmative Approach…
  2. Gay Couples want an Experienced Same-Sex Counsellor. Some gay couples prefer a counsellor who has experience working specifically with partners in a same-sex relationship. Experience in addressing the challenges and dynamics unique to gay relationships can contribute to a more effective therapeutic process. Dean has 14 years experience of working with LGBTQ+ couples, having created this service originally for long-distance LGBTQ+ couples. Read more about Dean’s work as a gay couple’s counsellor…
  3. Gay Couples want an Open-Minded and Non-Judgemental Attitude. A key aspect of successful couples counselling is creating a safe and non-judgmental space where the relationship partners can openly discuss their thoughts and feelings. Gay couples may seek a counsellor who is open-minded and free from personal biases, or who is skilled at maintaining neutrality (i.e. his personal biases are kept aside from the professional work). This allows the gay couple to explore their relationship without fear of judgement. Dean’s graduate diploma, awarded 20 years ago, demands a non-judgemental attitude, and his work with LGBTQ+ couples requires an open-mindedness Read more about Dean’s qualifications…
  4. Gay Couples want Skills in Effective Communication and Problem-Solving. Strong communication skills are vital for any couple counsellor. Gay couples will benefit from a counsellor who can facilitate constructive conversations and who can provide effective tools for problem-solving. It’s important to have the ability to mediate and guide discussions in a way that fosters understanding and resolution until the couple is able to do this themselves. Over his years’ continued professional development, Dean has gained training and experience in solution-focussed therapy, which assists couple in defining their own problem solving skills Read more about Dean’s work with Gay Couples…
  5. Seeking an Online / Video Counsellor requires he be technically competent. Prior to re-training in counselling & psychotherapy, Dean was a professional IT engineer and software programmer. He worked within both small, local software development houses (Portsmouth) and large corporations (Borland, Microsoft, IBM). When transferring his skills to practise counselling online over video (this service was originally for LGBT couples in long-distance relationships – sometimes dealing with distances of thousands of miles), Dean applied his technical knowledge and skills to this video technology. This means that many of the features offered by video conferencing (whiteboards, app sharing, break-out rooms, etc) can be used successfully in therapy too. Though video conferencing apps such as Zoom and Skype rarely have major hiccoughs, the couple can feel assured that if they get into technical difficulties, Dean will be able to advise. Dean’s integrated skills as an IT professional and, later, as a therapist span several decades and are an unusual offering in counselling services.

Helpful Tips Choosing a Counsellor

Of course, while these are general considerations, and individual preferences may differ, the most important factor is finding a counsellor with whom both partners feel comfortable and understood. Furthermore, the success of gay couples counselling often depends on both partners’ willingness to actively engage in the process and work towards positive change in their relationship. If they both get along well with the counsellor, this can have a significantly positive impact on the progress of therapy.

  • The points listed above are priorities and are not meant to be exclusive criteria (i.e. if the counsellor does not identify as male, nor gay, the couple may still find that the counsellor is right for their particular needs).
  • The points are intended to focus the couple’s curiosity and interest in what kind of counsellor could be helpful to them.

By looking through this website, the couple may find that Dean Richardson MNCPS (Accred/Reg) appears to match their particular needs as a gay couple counsellor.

But to make sure, you can put Dean through his own evaluation criteria as described in this blog post: “How to Choose Your Counsellor – Top 13 Questions“.

Hope this blog post helps xx

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